Navy & Mustard Living Room


**Pay $24.99 to “unlock” this concept collection**

Design Concept:
Room Category: Living Room
Room Style: Mid Century Modern
Design Concept by: Amy Michelle

Once you have paid to “unlock” this concept collection, you will receive the links of where to purchase the following items…

Ceiling Light $265.99
Wallpaper per roll (covers 56.25 sq. ft.) $269
(high) Sofa (71″w x 17″d x 23”h) $3,099
(medium) Sofa Faux Leather (78.5”W x 35.4” D x 33.5” W) $1,199
(low) Sofa Faux Leather (70”w x 32”d x 33”h) $469.99
(high) Console (71”w x 17″d x 23”h) $1,114
(low) Console (60’’l x 24”h x 16’’d) $229.99
(high) Accent Chair $366.99
(low) Accent Chair $152.99
Rug (7’10”x10’) $139.99
(low) Curtain (set of 2 – 52”w x 84”l) $27.99
(high) Curtain $289-$805
50”w or 100”w; 84”l, 96”l, 108”l, or 120”l
Art Work I
     (32”h x 34”w x 1.5”d) $43.99
(40”h x 30”w x 1.5”d) $58.99
Art Work II
     (32”h x 34”w x 1.5”d) $52.99
(40”h x 30”w x 1.5”d) $69.99
Ottoman $449.99 (63”l x 29”w x 18”h)
(high) Floor Lamp $275.99
(low) Floor Lamp $139.99
(high) Sm Side Marble Table $349
(low) Sm Side Gold Table $74.99
(high) Side Wood Table (21.5″w x 17.5″d x 19.5”h) $344
(low) Side Wood w/ Marble Top Table (20’’h x 17.5” w x 17.5”d) $99.99
Wall Color

Note: Some design concepts offer high, medium, and low cost item options because we hope to meet everyone’s budget. If an item has multiple price options, we post the high cost item in the concept design and the additional items in the pictures that follow. 


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